once there lived a kind and lovely girl. after her father's death, her stepmother became cruel to her.her two step-sisters teased her, asking her to do all the housework.


  stepmother: do the laundry and get on with your duties. clean the floors right away. and what's more,bring me my breakfast.


  stepsister1: cinderella! get me my sweater, i feel a little cold.


  stepsister2: hurry up! prepare the carriage for me, hand me my gloves. i'm to be late for my date. you're so, you're always so sluggish.


  cruel as her stepmother was to her, cinderella still lived an optimistic life. she had a lot of animal friends.


  one day, the king held a party for the prince to choose the girl he loved. every maid in the town was invited to the party.


  the stepmother took her two daughters to the party, leaving cinderella at home, because she was jealous of cinderella's beauty.


  cinderella was broken-hearted. at that time, her fairy godmother appeared.


  cinderella: there's nothing left to believe in. nothing!


  godmother: nothing, my dear? oh, now you don't really mean that.


  cinderella: oh, but i do.


  godmother: nonsense, child! if you'd lost all your faith, i couldn't be here. and here i am!oh, come now, dry those tears!


  cinderella: why then, you must be...


  godmother: your fairy godmother? of course. now let's see, hmm...now...the magic words.bibbidi-boddidi-boo. put them together and what have you got.

  你傳說中的教母?當然,現在讓我看看。?!,F在,這些魔力的話,bibbidi-boddidi-boo。 把它們放在一起,看你得到了什么。

  cinderella: oh, it's beautiful! it's like a dream, a wonderful dream come true.


  godmother: yes, my child, but like all dreams, well, i'm afraid this can't last forever. you'll have only till night and...


  cinderella: midnight?oh, thank you.


  godmother: oh, just a minute. remember, on the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken and everything will be as it was before.


  cinderella: oh, i understand, but...it's more than i ever hoped for.


  godmother: bless you, my child. enjoy yourself.


  at the party, cinderella danced with the prince all the time.time passed quickly. all of a sudden, cinderella caught sight of the clock on the wall. oh, it is almost

  twelve o'clock-five to twelve!


  cinderella: oh, my goodness!


  prince: what's the matter?


  cinderella: it's midnight. it's almost midnight.


  prince: yes, so it is.but why?


  cinderella: goodbye.


  prince: no, no,wait, you can't go now.


  cinderella: oh, i must, please, i must.


  prince: but why?


  cinderella: goodbye.


  prince: no, wait, come back. please come back! i don't even know your name. how will i find you? wait, please wait! wait!


  cinderella: goodbye.


  the next day, every maid in the town was ordered to try the glass shoe.whoever the shoes fitted well would be the bride of the princel.no one could put on the shoe, nor

  could the two step-sisters. when the officials were going to leave, cinderella appeared and asked to have a try.



  cinderella: please wait! may i try it on?


  stepmother: oh, pay no attention to her.


  stepsister1: it's only cinderella!




  stepsister1: she's out of her mind.


  stepmother: yes, yes. just an imaginative child.


  duke:of course, you can have a try, my fair lady.


  duke: oh, no!no!this is terrible. the king! what shall i do?


  cinderella: but perhaps this would help...


  duke: no, no. nothing can help now, nothing.


  cinderella: you see, i have the other slipper.


  cinderella and the prince held a grand wedding and they led a happy life from then on.




  旁白:long, long ago, there was a cute girl, her name is alice, her mother was dead, her father loved her very much.

  father: dear daughter! these presents are for you! do you like them?

  alice: yeah, thank you, dad.

  father: my lovely daughter, i hope you are happy forever!

  旁白:but one day, her father married a new wife.

  look, her step mother and her new sisters are coming.

  stepmother: helen, jenny, look, how beautiful the house is!

  mso-charhelen: yes, and so many fruits. apples,bananas, mangoes and lychee. wow, i like them.(吃水果)

  jerry: mum, look, so many beautiful clothes. i like this dress.


  alice: oh, no, that’s my dress. it’s a new dress my father bought for me.

  jerry: who are you? mum, who is she?

  stepmother: she is your little sister. but it doesn’t matter. look!

  alice, go, clean the room and then cook for us.

  alice: why? i’m not your servant.

  stepmother: yeah. but from now on you are our servant.

  alice and jerry: mum, i like her dress.(拽衣服)

  jenny:i like her necklace.(搶項鏈戴在脖子上)

  旁白:after that, alice had been their servant. she worked and worked from morning to night. she had no room to live, she had no good food to eat and good clothes to wear.

  she was more and more dirty, so people called her cinderella.


  stepmother: who is it?

  soldier: it’s me. i’m the soldier of the palace.

  (打開門)good morning, madam, this is for you and your daughters.

  mso-charstepmother: what is it?(打開信看)

  (歡呼)helen, jerry, good news! there will be a big dancing party in the palace. the prince will select a queen among the young girls.

  mso-chartwo daughters: hooray! i’ll be the queen!

  mso-charstepmother: come on, daughters. you must put on your most beautiful dress and make up!

  mso-charalice: mum, i want to go ,too.

  mso-charthree: you? look at yourself, so dirty and so ugly.

  mso-charstepmother: daughters, are you ready? let’s go.

  mso-charalice: oh, my friends. i really want to go. what shall i do?

  mso-charcat, peagion, dog: don’t be so sad, alice. at least, we are with you.

  mso-charfairy: poor girl, let me help you.

  mso-charanimals: wow, how beautiful!

  mso-charcat: you’re the most beautiful girl i’ve seen.

  mso-chardog: yes! you will be the most beautiful girl in the party!

  mso-charpeagion: yes! and the prince will love you at once!

  mso-charfairy: alice, go to the party and dance. but remember you 150%; text-indent: 48pt; mso-char-indent-count: 4.0; mso-char-indent-size: 12.0pt'>change back.

  alice: thank you , fairy.(跑)

  fairy: (喊)be careful! don’t forget the time!

  alice: i won’t forget.


  mso-charminister1: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the prince dancing ball. this night,

  our prince will select the most beautiful and kindest girl to be his queen .now, young girls, come to the front,please!

  minister2:how are they?which one do you like?

  prince: no, i don’t like anyone.

  (alice come in)

  ministers: wow, how beautiful!

  (she’s like a fairy. she’s like a angel. she’s so lovely. she’s like a princess. how pretty the girl is!)

  prince: pretty princess, may i dance with you?

  alice: i’d like to.

  (music and dance)

  (one person pick up a clock)

  alice: oh, it’s time to go back. i must go now.

  prince: wait, princess, wait!


  prince: (拿起鞋)pretty princess!why are you leaving? i must find you!


  soldiers: yes!

  prince: take the shoe to every house. you must find the girl for me.

  soldiers: yes, your highnesss!



  stepmother: what’s the matter, soldiers?

  soldier1: are there any young girls in your family, madam?

  soldier2: the pretty princess lost her shoe in the palace.

  soldier3: the prince wants to find her and marry her.

  helen: let me try.the shoe is mine.

  soldier1: no,it’s not yours. it’s too small for you.

  jenny: it’s mine. let me try it.

  soldier2: no, it’s not yours, it’s too small for you.

  stepmother: hi, come on, maybe it’s mine. let me try it.

  mso-charsoldier3:oh, my god, it couldn’t be yours. do you have another daughter?

  alice: hello, gentlemen, may i try it?

  stepmother :you? go away!

  helen: look at yourself!

  jenny: so dirty and so ugly!

  mso-charhead soldier: no, ladies, let her try! come, little girl, try it on,please!

  mso-charalice: thank you! (試鞋)

  mso-charsoldiers: wonderful! it’s yours! it fits for you very well!mso-charprince: hello, this is prince speaking!

  mso-charsoldier1: good news, your highnesss! we have found the

  beautiful girl.

  mso-charprince: really? that’s wonderfull! i’ll come at once.

  mso-charfairy: my child, happy time is coming. let me help you the

  1last time.(變美麗)

  mso-charprince: oh, my deariest princess, i love you, go with me and be my queen, ok?

  mso-charalice: ok!

  mso-charstepmother and sisters: how did it happen?(昏倒)

  mso-char旁白:the story finished. alice found her happiness. alice and

  the prince lived happily ever after! and that brings us to the end of the play.


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